I Thought Birds Lived In Trees

Where do owls live? These feathery friends are a little confused me thinks… surely they should be living in trees just like all other birds? Nope, they can’t be bothered with that so they have decided to live underground by inhabiting the burrows of other animals. Some might call it lazy, I call it resourceful. Meet the Burrowing Owl.

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A Warm Welcome to Michaela

Weblog UpdateExciting News 29th January 2010

Every once in a while there will be some interesting articles where I have invited authors to contribute towards the weblog. These authors will be more like frequent contributors than one-off guests. I feel you should really give people who make valuable contributions the option of returning again and again should they so choose.

With this in mind it gives me great pleasure to welcome Michaela to the team, she is a keen wildlife follower and her expertise is in bush craft and animal tracking. She has taken part in many outdoor adventures including spending time in the wild South African bush staring lions straight in the eyes. Certainly not for the faint hearted! She‘s one crazy chick, so please check out her first article Probably The Cutest Animal in the World? It’s a real cracker, enjoy it and tell us what you think.

I am excited to announce we have also added two new pages to the Crazy Creatures line up. Taxonomy, which explains how we name and classify all Earth’s creatures, and at long last a Glossary which will hopefully take some of the confusion out of those strange biological expressions. Hope it clears things up! If you’re still confused or have any questions or feel you can contribute I would be happy to hear from you.

There’s lots more interesting and exciting stuff coming up in the near future, in the mean time we have enhanced our picture viewing so you can click to take a closer look at our Crazy Creatures.

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Probably The Cutest Animal In The World?

Looking a bit like Gizmo the Gremlin, Bush babies are probably one of the cutest and bounciest creatures out there. With large droopy eyes this little furry fellow likes cuddling up with its buddies during the day after a long night leaping between the trees and catching insects.

Bush babies are Primates (like humans and monkeys) and part of the Lorisidae family. There are over 15 species, with more still being discovered. Well known species include the Greater Bushbaby, Lesser Bushbabies and Needle-Clawed Bushbabies. Named due to its large eyes and a baby-like cry, they are also called Galagos meaning Little Night Monkeys in Afrikaans.

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Wanna Play With The Beach-Ball Of Death?

There is more to this blown up beauty than meets the eye. The Puffer Fish is actually the most poisonous fish in the world. The most venomous is the Stone Fish. Scientists believe that the poison the Puffer Fish generates comes from the bacteria in their diet. But this is not what they are famous for.

Puffer fish are completely useless fish since they can barely swim. They don’t even possess scales. They move forward by trying to wobble in the approximate direction of where they want to go. They have pretty small fins for their body size so mainly use their frantic tail to get around.

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A Lean, Mean, Eating Machine

Well I just couldn’t resist coming back and re-exploring this crazy faced creature. I posted up a video of him a while back and I felt guilty every time I saw his cute little sniffer that I didn’t write a few paragraphs on his behalf.

Now check out this little guy for an incredibly obscure looking mammal. I feel a bit sorry for him because if you were to chop its bizarre nose off he would just look like a normal mole. As it happens he seems to have 22 fleshy tentacle bits protruding from around its nostrils giving it an unfair advantage in ugly creature face competitions. Lets have a more in depth look at what makes this record breaker so unusual.

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10 facts about… Sun Bears

As a continuation of the 10 facts about bears series this time I am covering the Sun Bear. It is one of eight different species of bear comprising the American Black Bear, Brown Bear, Giant Panda, Polar Bear, Asiatic Black Bear, Spectacled Bear and the Sloth Bear. I will also add the Sun Bear to the Vital Statistics series.

1. At just 120cm from nose tip to tail tip and reaching up to only 70cm tall on all fours, this Sun Bear geezer is definitely petit and certainly not what springs to mind when one conjures up images of bears.

2. These guys have some serious toe nail issues. Measuring in at about 10cm each, Sun Bears have ridiculously long and curvy claws. They are very handy with them too, using them to dissect trees and shred open termite mounds and beehives. They are also useful for helping them grip when climbing.

3. Sun Bears walk a little funny. The feet of a Sun Bear turn inwards slightly. This is thought to be an adaptation of its tree climbing nature. Along with its long curvy claws and inward pointing feet it also has bald flat soles on its large paws, which would all aid climbing. The female has been observed cradling its cubs while walking on its hind legs, a very unusual trait for a bear.

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Adventures and Excitement in 2010?

First off, welcome to 2010 everyone. It’s been a fun filled first few months blogging and creating crazycreatures.org. I hope you are enjoying it. I certainly hadn’t expected it to involve so many things aside from researching and writing articles. A great deal of self promotion and interaction is needed to make readers aware that this blog exists. On that note a big thank you to all of you who have been reading, commenting and mailing me and I hope to build some momentum over the coming year to really make crazycreatures.org a fun place for everyone to come.

So far I have covered interesting facts about some of the different types of bears and dolphins, which I hope will become a regular feature spanning a whole host of interesting and exiting animals. I also added a bite sized statistics item for the bears to accompany this, which I hope you like.

As I love them so much, and also because I have adopted it as the image for my blog, I couldn’t help but include a piece on our amphibian friends the frogs. I picked out a few points about them which appealed to me, and I will no doubt add many more on this extremely entertaining family of creatures.

Following these were articles covering some of the more unusual animals we share our planet with as well as more serious topics. For this set I delved south of the equator and found one that lives underground, one that hops on top and yet another that likes it somewhere in between.

My goal when starting off this blog was initially to make it an informative and humorous entity but I think it might have become a bit too text driven. With this in mind I intend to include a photo and video gallery of the best crazy acting wildlife shots I can find, and I need everyone to contribute ideas and links to make this a great feature, I will then choose a couple to write about too.

In 2010 I am going to be introducing some guest authors to provide content on some of their favourite animals. Hopefully that will give another perspective and keep this blog even fresher. Equally, if you feel you have something interesting to contribute then get in touch.

I thought I would leave the most exiting announcement ‘til last and let you all know I am actually going to be travelling around South America in the very near future for a few months, so I thoroughly intend to explore and report on some interesting specimens while I am out there, hopefully with some of my own pictures and videos too! How great is that? If any of you have any hints or tips on where I should go and what I should see, especially in Central America, then please tell me.

Here’s to a great year.

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