Meet the Crazy Creatures that roam our world.

We share our planet with some amazing creatures. The Crazy Creatures team will highlight some of your favourite animals and provide a comprehensive collection of information, pictures and videos that will intrigue, educate and inspire.

This site will regularly showcase some of those animals that don’t normally get the mention they deserve. The creatures here will be far stranger and exciting than the specimens found at your local zoo. These animals are rare, almost unknown to science. I will give them a spotlight and inform you of their wonderfulness.

Amongst the unusual creatures that wander our planet we will also give informative and fun facts about our well known mammals, amphibians, insects and sea dwellers. The aim is to grow this site to be a fun resource all about the amazing animals on this earth with the help of your ideas and enthusiasm.

We encourage you to contact us with your thoughts or if you want to contribute to the site.

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

The CrazyCreatures.Org team.

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