Heidi the Crazy looking Opposum

She looks at you crazy, but don’t take it personally! She’s just a little confused with all the attention she has been getting recently. Meet Heidi the cross-eyed Opossum, a magnificent marsupial creature who has recently been taken in at the Leipzig Zoo in Germany.

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News: Some Encouraging Signs from the Northern White Rhinos

It has been a while since we sent news from the Ol Pejeta Conservancy and the northern white rhinos. We decided that, instead of reporting on the same thing every two weeks, we would wait until there was some significant news to share with you. And we are happy to say that there are some encouraging signs coming from our northern white rhinos.

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News: New carnivorous mammal species found in Madagascar

A new species of carnivorous mammal has been discovered in Madagascar.

The mongoose-like creature has been called Durrell’s vontsira (Salanoia durrelli) in honour of conservationist Gerald Durrell.

New Mammal Species

New Carnivorous Mammal Species

Scientists found the creature in the wetlands of Lake Alaotra, the largest lake in Madagascar.

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News: Stephen Fry visits Northern White Rhinos

Here is an update from the guys at Last Chance To Survive, where they are reintroducing 4 of the remaining 8 or so members of the Northern White Rhino species to the wild inKenya. The Northern White Rhino is extinct in the wild, and as they very rarely breed in captivity, 4 of the captive Rhino’s, Sudan, Suni, Najin and Fatu, are being released in to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya.

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