10 facts about… Bears

1. Bears are good climbers and swimmers and despite their size can run quite quickly over short distances. Bears can run more than 45 kph.

2. Bears are, on the whole, solitary animals and only really congregate together when food is plentiful, like when catching salmon in streams.

3. Bears have an excellent sense of smell, much better than a dog and possibly the best of any mammal. It is mostly used to find food but is also used to detect the scent of other bears.

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10 facts about… Dolphins

1. Dolphins have specially adapted eyes, which means they can see very clearly out of the water and under the water. They have almost no sense of smell.

2. In the wild, Dolphins normally sleep with only one side of the brain and leave the other side active so they can still swim, breathe and be aware of predators.

3. Dolphins can make many different sounds. They communicate mainly with various combinations of Clicks, Whistles and Pulses.

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