News: 7 Terrific Toad Survival Tactics

Do you want to know why Toads have spread all across the world? They’re all over the place. For example the Cane Toad was introduced into Australia from Costa Rica about 75 years ago to combat beetles that were destroying the Queensland cane plantations. However, it didn’t work as there wasn’t enough shelter from the sun during the day, so they went elsewhere. Just over 50,000 were introduced back then, but due to the phenomenal survival skills of the Cane Toad, it has flourished in Australia, causing massive problems to local biodiversity. There are now over 200 million of the little hoppers!

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Every once in a while I will highlight a group of animals that are extremely interesting but are often overlooked because they are not as ‘popular’ as say, crocodiles, bears, sharks, elephants or tigers. So far I have given a brief insight into the facts and figures of dolphins and bears, but I would like to also focus on some of the more unusual animals we don’t know so much about and look at their behaviour too. For this episode I want to look at our amphibian friends, the Frogs.

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