Where can I see… Crazy Crocs and Goofy ‘gators?

These crazy creatures are unbelievably old. Estimated at 200 million years, that’s almost 150 million years older than the last known dinosaur went extinct! They have been rocking our world for so long that our presence appears as just a blip on their seemingly eternal reign. Can we learn something from these guys? Do they hold the secret to everlasting youth? Okay, so their direct ancestry dates back a little before ours and even before that of the dinosaurs, what’s the big deal? Well actually, this means that a lot can be learnt from these ancient beasts, how have they managed to do this? Scientists are investigating these many questions and hope to provide an answer that will aid not only the longevity of the human race, but also help prevent mistreatment and protect these reptiles by showing them in a better light.

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