A Warm Welcome to Michaela

Weblog UpdateExciting News 29th January 2010

Every once in a while there will be some interesting articles where I have invited authors to contribute towards the weblog. These authors will be more like frequent contributors than one-off guests. I feel you should really give people who make valuable contributions the option of returning again and again should they so choose.

With this in mind it gives me great pleasure to welcome Michaela to the team, she is a keen wildlife follower and her expertise is in bush craft and animal tracking. She has taken part in many outdoor adventures including spending time in the wild South African bush staring lions straight in the eyes. Certainly not for the faint hearted! She‘s one crazy chick, so please check out her first article Probably The Cutest Animal in the World? It’s a real cracker, enjoy it and tell us what you think.

I am excited to announce we have also added two new pages to the Crazy Creatures line up. Taxonomy, which explains how we name and classify all Earth’s creatures, and at long last a Glossary which will hopefully take some of the confusion out of those strange biological expressions. Hope it clears things up! If you’re still confused or have any questions or feel you can contribute I would be happy to hear from you.

There’s lots more interesting and exciting stuff coming up in the near future, in the mean time we have enhanced our picture viewing so you can click to take a closer look at our Crazy Creatures.

’til next time